What I do

The experience earned last years allows me to manage a moltitude of different kind of software projects. Following you see what are the main services I offer to my customers. Altough you don't find a service don't hesitate to contact me

Static / dynamic web sites

settings Design and develop of custom web sites based on your necessities. Web sites for professionals who want to create an own online portfolio, a multimedia portal, an intranet/internet application.


settings Design and implementation of e-commerce websites for anyone to have the need to open an online sales and begin to monetize their products. These sites can be designed using the most common open-source platforms.

Software gestionali

settings Design and implementation of management programs for any type of business. For example, inventory management, order management of salt of a restaurant, condominiums management.

Posizionamento SEO

settings Possibility to place a website, new or existing, as the first result on the major search engines (Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc.). This activity involves the use of advanced SEO techniques.

Software redazionale

settings Portals for the publication of textual content using the most common platforms blog / cms (wordpress, joomla).

Campagne SEM / Invio DEM

Creation of advertising campaigns using SEM techniques, managed with AdWords, or DM (Direct Mail Marketing), which increase the traffic to their site.

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